Monday, 9 March 2015

Travel Tips Part 2: At the airport / on the plane

Happy travelling

When travelling, my top priority is always comfort because travelling isn't usually a very comfortable experience as it is, so I'm just sharing a few tips on how to stay comfortable and not lose your mind at the airport and on the plane...

  • Wear comfortable clothes - this doesn't mean you have to travel in sweats. You can travel in style and still feel comfortable. Just wear worn-in flats that don't rub or chafe, trousers with a comfortable waistband that's not too tight, such as soft stretchy jeans, and a stretchy top that's comfortable to sleep in and make sure you layer up with cozy jerseys and a pashmina because it can get really freezing on the plane in the middle of the night and those little blankets they give you just won't do the job. Also pack some thick cozy slipper socks to put on once you've taken off your shoes on the plane, but preferably go for ones that you can pull over your normal socks so that you can easily take them off and put your shoes on to go to the bathroom because the floors on plane toilets are usually pretty disgusting.

  • Keep yourself entertained - remember to take something to while away the hours spent sitting on the airport. My iPhone and iPad is usually enough to keep me entertained but I usually also take a book or a couple of magazines.

  • Remember the rules about liquids - usually you're allowed up to 10 containers of up to 100ml each of liquids, in a clear zip-lock bag, but check with the airports you'll be travelling through. They usually ask you to take out this bag at security so it's a good idea to keep it within easy reach. Which reminds me, the same goes for laptops - you'll need to take them out at security. Remember you can't take drinks through security, so rather wait to buy drinks once you're through security.

  • Don't spend hours walking around the airport with your luggage - if you have time to kill, rather find a seat near your gate and keep yourself entertained. If I want to get something from the duty-free shops, I always do my bit of shopping first before sitting down because if you have to get up again later, chances are you might not get a seat near your gate again when it's nearly time to board. I have a bad back so I try to find a seat as early on as possible otherwise the flight is even more of a nightmare if I have back pain before even boarding.

  • Stay hydrated - apply hand cream and lip balm throughout the flight to keep your skin and lips from becoming dry and cracked and drink water throughout the journey. From a hydration point of view it's best not to have tea, coffee or wine on the plane, but I usually have some wine with my dinner to calm my nerves and help me sleep. Trust me, if you skip the tea and coffee, you're not missing anything, it's usually terrible; I don't know what they do to it to get it to taste that bad. If you're wearing makeup but want to keep your face hydrated, try spritzing yourself with a hydrating face spray every few hours.

Happy travelling!

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