Friday, 14 November 2014

Warm white: The secrets to successful all-white decorating

Warm white

Some say white isn't a colour; I disagree. I think it's one of the prettiest colours when you work with the characteristics of the colour to create something beautiful. All-white decorating can be tricky as it can look a little cold and sterile, but with a bit of careful planning, it can also be very soft, sensual, pure and feminine.

The trick is to incorporate plenty of texture and softness:

  • An exposed brick wall painted white, as pictured above, is divine and adds a wonderfully warm and tactile element to the room 
  • Create some visual interest in the room with some stand-out pieces, such as the chandelier pictured here or eye-catching artwork to avoid giving the space a flat appearance, which is often the case with monotone decorating 
  • The easiest way to add softness is by adding lots of luxurious soft furnishings, such as a faux fur throw, chunky knit blanket or textured rug
  • Pay attention to lighting to create a soft glow and ambiance; candles and various types of fairy lights are always my first choice, but a few well-placed lamps with fabric lampshades will also do the trick
  • Incorporate a muted neutral, such as beige or soft grey here and there just to subtly break up the white and add some definition

As you can see, all-white decor can be very romantic, luxurious, rustic and even warm, it just requires some attention to detail. I'd love to hear from you if you have some more ideas about how to create a cozy white living space!

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